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IPhone 13 Spy Camera Phone SIM Card Side Lens 4k/60FPS Black




 (This price does not include the flip phone case and Apple Watch in the video)

 Remote live monitoring APP supports all mobile phones, and more functions are waiting for you to discover.

    The iPhone 13 Mobile Hidden Spy Camera Device is a high-tech smartphone that combines forensics, covert access, hidden channel forensics and standard cell phone functions. Not only does it have all the functions of the original brand iPhone 13, but the forensics device is highly camouflaged, concealed and safe, and is easy to operate. It is an ideal covert forensics tool for law enforcement agencies.

We moved the front camera of the iPhone 13 to the SIM card hole on the side, or to the top (punch hole). The modification will not affect the normal use of the phone. Equipped with the APP software provided by us, you can record and take pictures in a black screen state. .

👉Concealed video recording function: The concealed video recording closes the screen, the video has sound, and the audio and video are synchronized.
👉Up to 3840x2160 resolution, 4k/60FPS HD camera.
👉File security: with file encryption function, extracting video files requires a password to display.
👉Video live playback function: Live high-definition channels at any time, which is convenient for case investigators to quickly view the scene.
👉Branded smartphone: It has all the functions of the iPhone 13 mobile phone.
👉Posing and shooting can be done at will without attracting the attention of others. No one knows you are recording.
👉It can be used for both secret shooting and remote monitoring. Just download the remote monitoring software.
👉Everyone has a mobile phone, everyone can't leave the mobile phone, and there is no need to carry a second device to take pictures.

✅ The lens of the SIM card hole position on the left side does not affect the insertion of SIM card, you need to use the blade to set aside the SIM card holder, you can insert the SIM card.

 💥 If you choose second-hand mobile phone production, we will choose the original mobile phone production in very good condition, the color of the mobile phone is more than 95 new, and the quality control is strict, you can buy it with confidence.
 💥Because it is a customized product, it takes time to buy a mobile phone + production. Usually 7-12 days delivery, please be patient!
 💥 The default is black, and other colors can also be selected. Please note when placing an order.

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