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Samsung S9+ 1440p/30fps auto focus

$599.50 $750.00

This is a portable cell phone spy camera that can make calls. We refit the front camera of the Samsung S9+ to the top of the phone, and the pre-installed APP software realizes the hidden camera, which does not affect the normal use of the phone; it will not affect the multitasking operation of the phone when playing games, making calls, watching movies, etc. Stop recording! All the parameters of the mobile phone are subject to the official website parameters.

🔥 1440p/30fps video recording.
💥 This is a hidden camera with auto focus!
💥Support black screen recording, lock screen recording, and background hidden recording.
💥Support memory card expansion, up to 400GB memory expansion.

Reasons for choosing to modify the phone.
🔔1. The front camera of the original phone is modified to the top, without replacing the camera.
🔔2. Everyone has a cell phone, everyone can not leave the phone, do not need to carry a second device secretly shot.
🔔3. You can pose as many times as you want without drawing attention to yourself.
🔔4. It can be used not only for secret photography, but also for remote monitoring. Simply download the remote monitoring software.
🔔5. They are original phones, so they are rugged and durable.
🔔6. Real hidden secret photography phone with black screen status for secret photography.

In addition to hiding the camera with a black screen, it can also remotely monitor live broadcasts (the relevant third-party APP supports all mobile phones), and more functions are waiting for you to discover.

👉 Note:
💥 Since there are no brand new Samsung S9+ mobile phones for sale on the market, second-hand mobile phones are used for modification, but we will choose good quality mobile phones for modification, all of which are original mobile phones that have undergone strict quality control.
💥For the specific parameters of the mobile phone, please refer to the Samsung official website, because we have not increased or decreased the hardware of the mobile phone, but the position of the front camera has changed. We use original mobile phone accessories. The function of the mobile phone is not affected at all, it is just a normal mobile phone.
💥Since it is a customized product, it takes time to purchase the mobile phone and produce it. It usually takes 7-12 days to ship, so please be patient!

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① This product takes 3-7 days to make cycle and 3-7 days to ship, please be aware!
②This product is made using second-hand cell phones, we will choose the phone in good condition cell phone production, strict quality control, please rest assured that the order.
③ The color of the phone is black by default, you can also choose the color of the phone, please note or contact us when placing an order: .

Kindly note:

  1. Don’t place a camera in a private area (like a restroom or place where confidential meetings may take place) or use them with malicious intent, e.g. to use the recorded footage to blackmail someone.
  2. Don’t record people without their consent in PA, CT, WA, FL, IL, MD, MA, NH, CA, MT, MI, and NV. In all other states, you only need consent to film/record audio of a conversation from one party.
  3. Don’t record audio unless the videoed subject has given permission and knows the camera is there – regulation of audio recording is much stricter than just visual recording, so check before you begin.
  4. Don’t assume you can film your employees even though legally you can set up security cameras in public places (not restrooms) where your employees work. Consult trade unions and employee contracts to discover if your employees have the right to know.