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New products H265 encoding Starlight Night Vision DIY surveillance camera module

This is a IP camera, in P2P mode, after completing the network configuration on the smartphone APP, there is no distance limit for watching or recording live video, no matter where you are, through the free app on your mobile device, you can anytime, anywhere View or record live video remotely.

New products at the end of 2022, the latest DIY surveillance camera module, using more advanced H.265 video compression, third-generation ISP technology, with low power consumption, low illumination, low bit rate, high image quality and other characteristics, far superior to H.264 encoded webcam.

With the Sony IMX323 super-sensitive lens, the picture quality is much higher than that of the pseudo 4K network camera. In the low-light environment, the infrared night vision light is not needed to fill in the light, and ultra-low illumination imaging (black and white) can be achieved.

In HD 1080P high-definition state, one hour of high-definition video only occupies 1GB of storage space. A 128GB memory card can hold 5 days of HD video. If the motion detection function is turned on, the surveillance video can be saved for about 1 month, and the maximum support 512GB memory card.

Real-time audio and video recording
WiFi IP network function
Support smart phone tablet APP remote viewing and control
90/120 degree lens angle of view (optional)
Support motion detection, alarm push notification
Supports up to 512GB Micro SD card (requires purchase)
Circular storage video
Support recording and charging at the same time
Next Generation H.265 Video Coding
Video format: MP4
Microphone: Built-in
Smartphone OS: iPhone iPad or Android
Supply voltage: DC 5V