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Mi 10 5G mobile phone 6.67-inch curved screen Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor

$589.00 $850.00

This is a custom modified hidden spy device for Xiaomi Mi 10 5G mobile phone. The front camera of the mobile phone can be modified to the top of the mobile phone; the front lens of this mobile phone is 20 million pixels, using the spy APP software we provide, you can hide the camera in the black screen state, play games, make calls, watch movies, etc. No interruption to video; the most stealthy and portable spy hidden camera available.

Advantages of modding your phone:

1. The modified mobile phone is the same as the front camera of the original mobile phone, and the camera can be transferred without loss.
2. Everyone has a mobile phone and uses it most frequently, no need to carry a second device.
3. You can pose freely without attracting others' attention.
4. It can be used for both candid photography and remote monitoring. Just download the remote monitoring software. 5.
5. Original mobile phone, without degrading any hardware, durable.
6. Black screen recording, lock screen recording, background hidden recording.
7. Support Google store, support family bucket.

8.This camera can make vertical screen shooting mode and horizontal screen shooting mode. The default delivery is horizontal screen shooting mode. If you need vertical screen shooting mode, please leave a message or contact us: support@anteyecam.com, thank you support! !

For the specific parameters of the mobile phone, please refer to Huawei's official website. We have not increased or decreased the hardware of the mobile phone, but the position of the front camera has changed. We use original accessories for mobile phones. The functions of the mobile phone are not affected at all, and it is an ordinary mobile phone with a mobile camera.