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spy camera disguised cc9
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spy camera on phone
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mini spy camera with audio and video recording
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🔥Spot goods🔥 Mobile phone spy hidden camera, 32 million pixels HD recording, the clearest spy camera available


  This is a Xiaomi CC9 custom modified hidden spy device. The front camera of the phone can be modified to the bottom or top of the phone; the front lens of this phone is 32 megapixels, the image quality is very good; with the spy APP software we provide, you can hide the video in the background in the black screen state; play games, make phone calls, watch movies without interrupting the background hidden camera; the most covert and portable spy hidden camera at present.

Cell phone modification reasons.
. the modified phone is the same as the original phone front camera, the camera can be transferred without damage.
. Everyone has a cell phone, the most frequent use, no need to carry a second device.
. can be posed at will, will not attract the attention of others.
. It can be used not only for secret shooting, but also for remote monitoring. Simply download the remote monitoring software can be. 5.
. Original cell phone, without reducing any hardware, durable.
. Real secret shooting, black screen recording, lock screen recording, background hidden recording.
. With third-party software, you can turn off the screen black screen state hidden live.

 🔥The option of headphone jack lens is available from stock, and it will be shipped quickly without long waiting!Other lens options require 5-7 shipments.
💥️As there is no brand new phone on the market for sale, we use used phones production, are original phones, no repair, the phone is in good condition, looks new, please feel free to buy.

💥️Please refer to Xiaomi's official website for the specific parameters of the phone, as we have not added or reduced the hardware of the phone, only the front camera has changed its position. We use the original accessories of the phone. The function of the phone is not affected at all, it is a normal phone with a moved camera.


In addition to hiding the camera with a black screen, it can also remotely monitor live broadcasts (the relevant third-party APP supports all mobile phones), and more functions are waiting for you to discover.