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Cell phone + spy camera two in one mate30pro 5G cell phone spy hidden camera


Without affecting the function and use of the phone, the front camera of Huawei mate30pro phone, moved to the top of the phone (punch), the phone into a miniature pinhole camera (phone + spy camera two in one), 1920x1080P resolution, 32 million pixels, using third-party software, you can turn off the screen in the state of the black screen hidden video, Android system phones can not only black screen video, but also in the background to hide the video, call, catch up on drama, play games and other multitasking operation of the phone, will not interrupt the phone video, the most invisible and portable spy hidden camera.

Cell phone modification reasons.
1. modified cell phone with the original phone front camera, you can transfer the camera without damage.
2. Everyone has a cell phone, the highest frequency of use, no need to carry a second device.
3. Can be posed at will, will not attract the attention of others.
4. It can be used not only for secret shooting, but also for remote monitoring. Simply download the remote monitoring software. 5.
5. Original phone, without reducing any hardware, durable.
6. Real secret shooting, black screen recording, lock screen recording, background hidden recording.
7. Using third-party software, you can turn off the screen black screen state hidden live.

① Brand new mobile phones are no longer available in the market. We will choose second-hand mobile phones in very good condition for production. The quality of mobile phones is above 95% and strict quality control. You can buy with confidence.
② Since it is a customized product, it will take time to purchase a mobile phone + produce, and it usually takes 7-12 days to deliver, please be patient!
③ The default color is black, other colors can also be selected, please note when placing an order.

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