2024 New Arrival S12 5G Smartphone 44MP 2160P 4K HD 256GB Large Memory
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2024 New Arrival S12 5G Smartphone 44MP 2160P 4K HD 256GB Large Memory

$745.00 $980.00

2024 New Product Listing, S12 5G Cell Phone Spy Hidden Camera, Cell Phone Front Camera Modify to other location; The front lens of the cell phone is 44 megapixels, and supports autofocus, 3840x2160 resolution, supports 4k/60FPS HD video camera, the picture quality is very good; with the spy APP software that we provide, it supports the black screen video, lock screen video, background hidden video, playing games, making phone calls, watching movies, will not interrupt the work of the camera; does not affect the function of the phone, currently the most covert and portable 4k HD spy hidden camera.

🔥 Early 2022 launch machine, Mediatek Dimensity 1100 (6 nm) Octa-core processor, runs silky smooth.
🔥 Smartphone with 5G network support and dual-SIM.
🔥 44 megapixels with autofocus support, clear from near and far.
🔥 4k/60FPS HD camera support at 3840x2160 resolution.

Reasons for choosing modified cell phone:
✅ The modified cell phone has the same front camera as the original cell phone and the camera is transferred without any damage.
✅ Everyone has a cell phone with the highest frequency of use, no need to carry a second device.
✅ You can pose as you like without attracting others' attention.
✅ Not only can be used for sneak peeks, but also for remote monitoring, just download the remote monitoring software.
✅ Original cell phone, no reduction of any hardware, sturdy and durable.
✅ Real sneak peek, black screen recording, lock screen recording, background hidden recording.
✅ With the third party software, you can turn off the screen black screen state to hide the live broadcast.


💥 As there is no brand new cell phone for sale in the market, we use used cell phones to produce, they are all original cell phones, no repairs, the cell phone is in good condition and looks new, please feel free to buy.

💥 Please refer to Vivo official website for specific parameters of the phone, because we didn't increase or decrease the hardware of the phone, just the front camera changed position. We use the original parts of the phone.