P40 5G mobile phone Kirin 990 chip 32 million pixels
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P40 5G mobile phone Kirin 990 chip 32 million pixels

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       This is a custom-modified hidden spy device for Huawei P40. We all want to capture images without anyone noticing. AntEyeCam does it by moving the front main camera of the Huawei P40 phone to the top without affecting the use of the phone. The original functions of the phone can be used normally and there is no need to worry about shooting. The screen is seen when the screen is turned off, because AntEyeCam is pre-installed with a great application that can "black screen hide video" when the screen is turned off, and multi-task operations such as making calls, playing games, watching movies, and watching TV series, etc., will not Interrupt the video recording on your mobile phone and use various postures to capture the picture you want without attracting anyone's attention.

✅. 32 million pixels, 1080P 60FPS shooting.
✅. The Google service framework has been installed and Google services can be used normally.
✅. Real secret shooting, black screen camera, lock screen camera, background hidden camera.
✅. The modified phone has the same front camera as the original phone, and the camera can be transferred without loss.
✅. Everyone has a mobile phone and uses it most frequently, eliminating the need to carry a second device.
✅. You can pose as you like without attracting anyone's attention.

Everyone has a mobile phone, a daily necessity, and they can be carried with them around the clock. The camera of the mobile phone has been moved to another location. Who would have thought? Is there a more portable hidden camera than this?


💥️There are no brand new mobile phones for sale on the market. We use second-hand mobile phones to produce them. They are all original mobile phones and have not been repaired. The mobile phones are in good condition and look new. Please feel free to buy.
🔥Colors are available, production time takes 5-7 days to ship, please know.

💥️Please refer to Huawei’s official website for the specific parameters of the mobile phone, because we have not added or deleted the hardware of the mobile phone, but only changed the position of the front camera. We use original accessories for our phones. The functionality of the phone is not affected at all, just like an ordinary phone, the camera has changed its position.