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mini hidden camera mate40 pro phone hidden camera with audio

$1,899.00 $2,200.00

       This is a portable mobile phone spy camera that can make phone calls. We refit the front camera of mate40pro to the top of the phone, and use related APP to realize hidden camera in the black screen state and hidden camera in the background without affecting the normal use of the phone. All parameters of the phone are subject to the official website parameters.

Currently the highest-end specifications of Android phones can be modified!

Reasons for choosing to modify the phone:
🔔1. The front camera of the original phone is modified to the top, without replacing the camera.
🔔2. Everyone has a cell phone, everyone can not leave the phone, do not need to carry a second device secretly shot.
🔔3. You can pose as many times as you want without drawing attention to yourself.
🔔4. It can be used not only for secret photography, but also for remote monitoring. Simply download the remote monitoring software.
🔔5. They are original phones, so they are rugged and durable.
🔔6. Real hidden secret photography phone with black screen status for secret photography.

🔔 This product takes 5-7 days to make cycle and 5-7 days to ship, please be aware!
② this product is a new original phone production, is a custom product, if there is no quality problems, do not accept returns, thank you for your understanding and support!
③ The color of the phone is black by default, you can also choose the color of the phone, please note or contact us when placing an order: .
★Line: 868766778
★Telegram: @minicamera007
★Skype: 2132422577
★instagram: @minicamera007
★whatsapp: +17854335914
★Email: minicamera007@gmail.com.