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Mate 20pro 4G mobile phone top camera 24 million pixels
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Mate 20pro 4G mobile phone top camera 24 million pixels

$598.00 $999.00

This is a hidden spy device customized and modified by Huawei MTAE 20pro. The front camera of the mobile phone lens can be added on the top of the mobile phone. 32 million pixels, 1920x1080P resolution; use our hidden video APP software, you can hide the background video in the black screen state; playing games, making calls, watching movies will not disturb the hidden camera in the background; very hidden and most portable spy camera .

🌈Reasons for mobile phone modification:
✔️ The resolution is the same as that of the original mobile phone front camera, and the camera is lossless transmission.
✔️Everyone has a mobile phone, and the frequency of use is the highest, so there is no need to bring a second device.
✔️You can take pictures in various poses at will without attracting the attention of others.
✔️ It can be used for both candid photography and remote monitoring. Just download the remote monitoring software.
✔️All are original mobile phone accessories, without any reduction in hardware, durable.
✔️Real-person candid shots, black screen videos, lock screen videos, and background videos.

✅ Support all Google apps and support more than 70 languages around the worl


 💥The specific parameters of the mobile phone can refer to Huawei's official website, because we have not increased or decreased the hardware of the mobile phone, but the position of the front camera has changed. We use original mobile phone accessories. The function of the mobile phone is not affected at all, it is just an ordinary mobile phone.

 💥Since there is no new Mate 20pro on the market, we will use a second-hand Mate 20pro for modding, but we will choose a better quality phone for modding. Very good condition, all original phones.

 💥Because it is a custom product, the purchase of cell phones + production, all need time, generally need 7-12 days to ship, please be patient!

  1. Don’t place a camera in a private area (like a restroom or place where confidential meetings may take place) or use them with malicious intent, e.g. to use the recorded footage to blackmail someone.
  2. Don’t record people without their consent in PA, CT, WA, FL, IL, MD, MA, NH, CA, MT, MI, and NV. In all other states, you only need consent to film/record audio of a conversation from one party.
  3. Don’t record audio unless the videoed subject has given permission and knows the camera is there – regulation of audio recording is much stricter than just visual recording, so check before you begin.
  4. Don’t assume you can film your employees even though legally you can set up security cameras in public places (not restrooms) where your employees work. Consult trade unions and employee contracts to discover if your employees have the right to know.