New Arrival iPhone SE 3840x2160 Resolution 4k 60FPS HD Autofocus
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New Arrival iPhone SE 3840x2160 Resolution 4k 60FPS HD Autofocus

New Arrival iPhone SE 3840x2160 Resolution 4k 60FPS HD Autofocus



     New listing, iPhone SE2/SE3 cell phone rear main camera transferred to the top of the phone, the resolution of 3840x2160, can achieve 4k/60FPS HD covert camera, does not affect the normal use of the phone, can be normal calls, Internet, play games, etc.; has installed covert photography APP, can turn off the screen state covert photography, picture quality super clear 4k 60FPS covert camera The clearest 4k HD covert spy multifunctional camera.

                                                (Please play in 4k 60FPS)

 Real shot video download address(Please choose the highest resolution to play):

The machine features:

①Equipped with Apple A13/A15 bionic processor and Apple GPU image processor, the system runs very smoothly.
②Replacement of new cell phone battery, adding 2800 mAh battery, dual battery, spy phone use longer time.
Frame rate 60FPS/sec, resolution 3840×2160, a true 4K HD hidden camera.
Autofocus, clear in both near and far view.
⑤Provides hidden video application, hidden photography with screen off.

    In addition to hiding the camera with a black screen, it can also remotely monitor live broadcasts (the relevant third-party APP supports all mobile phones, and the iPhone series can only black the screen but not lock the screen). More functions are waiting for you to discover.

👉 Note:
💥Since it is a customized product, it takes time to purchase the mobile phone and produce it. It usually takes 7-12 days to ship, so please be patient!

💥Please refer to the official iPhone website for the specific parameters of the phone, because we have not added or deleted the hardware of the phone, only the position of the front camera has changed. We use original mobile phone accessories. The function of the mobile phone is not affected at all, it is just a normal mobile phone.