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Optical zoom 4k camera supports hotspot WiFi and supports up to 512GB storage

$295.00 $390.00


New products will be released in 2024. The optical zoom 4k telephoto camera supports 3840X2160 resolution 4k 60FPS high-definition camera. At 1920x1080 resolution, 120FPS per second can be achieved. Supports hotspot WiFi, simultaneous viewing on mobile phones, and supports up to 512G storage.

✅Video resolution: Super 4K-3840*2160p 60FPS; 2.7K (2704*1520p 30FPS); 2K (2560*1440p 30FPS); Full HD (1920*1080p 60FPS); HD (1280*720p) 120FPS; VGA (640 *480p) 240FPS.
✅Zoom industry standard C-mount, can match various zoom lenses by itself.
✅Supports simultaneous charging and recording, and supports mobile power supply.
✅Supports mobile phone WiFi hotspot connection and can be viewed simultaneously in real time at a distance of 10 meters.
✅Supports iPhone/Android mobile applications.

Products with batteries are dangerous goods that are prohibited from being transported by air. Need to be transferred to the flight transportation channel to obtain the battery. Shipping costs are very expensive and will extend delivery time. It is recommended to purchase batteries locally (5V2A power supply), support mobile power supply, and support 5V/2A power adapter power supply.