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Best spy video camera optical stabilization, autofocus, 3840x2160 resolution 4K/60FPS

      New product release, iPhone 12 mini ultra-clear spy hidden camera comes out, auto focus, 3840x2160 resolution 4K/60FPS, built-in dual batteries, longer battery life, is the clearest 4k spy hidden camera at present.

    ✅ Support black screen recording
    ✅Does not affect the use of mobile phones

Original video file download address::


💥️ Because it is a custom product, the purchase of cell phones + production, all need time, generally need 7-12 days to ship, please be patient!

    The video below, please select the highest resolution to view the quality performance:


     In addition to hiding the camera with a black screen, it can also remotely monitor live broadcasts (the relevant third-party APP supports all mobile phones, and the iPhone series can only black the screen but not lock the screen). More functions are waiting for you to discover.