What is the best hidden camera? spy camera with audio, did you know?

沿って jinhua sun オン July 23, 2022

    Wearable portable cameras are becoming increasingly popular. With the development of technology, they are becoming smaller and smaller, are stored internally, do not require external memory cards, do not require wiring, run on rechargeable batteries, can be disguised as keychain cameras, pen cameras, glasses cameras, etc., will not attract attention, so these cameras have become very popular camouflaged hidden cameras.

   But these camouflaged hidden cameras, image quality and battery life are not ideal, must be carried around, or you will miss the wonderful moments, and not very convenient to use and operate.

cell phone spy camera

From the AntEyeCam team, after a long and tireless effort, we finally turned your ordinary smartphone into a spy camera. This modification does not affect the use of the phone, the modification modifies the front or rear camera to the top, bottom or side of the phone. The phone still works fine.

  By placing the phone flat on the table, the phone can still take pictures and videos without the subject being embarrassed to face the camera and without drawing the attention of others.


The modified smartphone uses the original phone camera, solving the problem of poor quality of the camouflage camera. The highest resolution can reach 3840x2160, 60PFS HD shooting, to achieve the effect of the film. It also solves the problem of portability. No need to carry a second camera device. Everyone has a smartphone and it's hard to find it no matter where you use it.


spy camera on phone

   The AntEyeCam team also considered that it would be awkward for others to see the bright screen when shooting, so they provided an excellent smart APP that solves this problem perfectly. Both Apple IOS system and Android phone system have corresponding smart APPs.

  cell phone spy camera

     As long as the Apple IOS system APP is running, the phone screen will turn black when taking pictures. You can also use the APP's "web shooting mode" to browse the web while the camera is shooting; the video taken will not be saved in the phone's album, but in a specific folder. You can set a password for this folder. Only people with the correct password can access the recorded videos.

   When you open the Android App, the hidden camera of the App will not stop shooting either when you make a call, watch a movie, play a game, or other multitasking operations. It seems to be more powerful. This may be related to the open source Android system. It not only supports black screen camera and lock screen camera, but also supports background hidden camera.

    Everyone wants to capture images without being noticed, and since everyone's work and life are intertwined with smartphones, what could be better than a mobile spy camera? The best, most portable, HD spy tool, no exaggeration.