Best spy camera with audio,Hidden Spy Camera on phone

沿って jinhua sun オン July 14, 2022

Have you ever wanted a high quality, easy to use and reliable covert camera system? Congratulations, you've read this article and you've found the top covert camera system available, bar none.

      AntEyeCam team, after a long period of unremitting efforts, can transform the phone we often use, into a spy camera, and does not affect the use of the phone, the transformation, it is still a phone that can be used normally, only the phone's camera replaced the location of the phone's original camera, front or rear camera, appeared on the top, bottom or side, when we put the phone flat on the desktop, open the phone's camera, can still capture the image, to avoid the embarrassment of facing the camera, to capture the image without anyone's attention.

     You may be worried about how embarrassing it is to be seen by others on your phone's screen when the screen is lit when you are shooting. The AntEyeCam team has long thought of this and provides great applications that solve this problem perfectly. For Android phone system and Apple's IOS system, both provide the corresponding software.


     Provide Apple IOS system APP, just start the software, the phone's screen becomes black, while the camera is secretly camera; you can also use the APP "web mode", you are browsing the web, watching video, while the camera is secretly camera; shooting video, in the phone's album is not found, and not saved in the album, you can also set a password to the video, only the correct password can view the shooting video.

Hidden Spy Camera on phone

   Provide the Android system APP, seems to be more powerful, may be related to the open source Android system, not only support the black screen state secret camera, but also support the lock screen state secret camera, as well as the background hidden state secret camera, as long as you start this APP, whether you are on the phone, watching movies, playing games and other multitasking operation of the phone, will not interrupt the APP secret camera.

Best spy camera with audio

    All the people in the world, each person needs, everyone can not be separated from the electronic products - cell phones, every moment with us in our work, life, there are more suitable than the cell phone spy camera? Small, hidden, portable, high-definition, become the best detective tools, not too much.