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IPhone x Phone Spy Camera, Top Punch Lens, Black Screen Recording, Black 256G Large Storage

$665.00 $850.00

The front camera of the iPhone x has been moved to the top of the phone, and it doesn't affect the normal use of the phone, and you don't have to worry about being seen the screen when shooting, because we have a great app pre-installed that can be used when the screen is off. "Black Screen Camera", you can shoot the picture you want in various poses without attracting anyone's attention; you can also start the "Web Shooting Mode", when you browse the web, the camera is already for you camera.

    5.8-inch OLED full-screen screen, 2.5D glass + rounded edge + all-metal back shell design, A11 processor with 10nm process technology, the overall performance is very good, smooth and smooth.

    There is no need to worry about the quality of the mobile phone, it is a brand mobile phone, it is a durable product, and the quality is much better than those unknown hidden cameras; it also has functions that other hidden cameras do not have, with this spy hidden mobile phone, you not only have a mobile phone , and also has game consoles, MP4 players, DV, microcomputers... The most concealed and portable multi-function hidden camera in 2022 is well-deserved.

👉 Notice:
💥 Since there is no brand new iPhone for sale in the market, we use second-hand iPhone 7 for modification, but we will choose good quality mobile phones for modification, all of which are original mobile phones that have undergone strict quality control.
💥The color of the mobile phone can be selected, please note when placing an order, or send us an email to tell us the color of the mobile phone, the default is black.

 💥Because it is a custom product, the purchase of cell phones + production, all need time, generally need 7-12 days to ship, please be patient!

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