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The most hidden and easy-to-use phone hidden spy camera 4k ultra clear
The most hidden and easy-to-use phone hidden spy camera 4k ultra clear
The most hidden and easy-to-use phone hidden spy camera 4k ultra clear

The most hidden and easy-to-use phone hidden spy camera 4k ultra clear

$499.00 $799.00


👍👍👍👍 DIY iPhone 6S with hidden camera. We modify the rear camera of iPhone 6s to the headphone hole at the bottom of the phone, it will not affect the normal use of the phone; with the help of special APP software, you can achieve black screen recording. All parameters of the phone are based on the official website's parameters.

🔥①The only phone that can modify the rear camera to the bottom of the phone.
🔥②3840x2160 resolution, 4K HD recording for mobile phones.
🔥③The lens is moved to the headphone jack at the bottom, so the light input is bigger and the angle is wider.
🔥④Added new phone battery with 2000 mAh more power and 3 mm thicker phone for longer usage.

Reasons for modifying the phone.
🔔1. Its definition is the same as the front camera of the original phone, and it can transmit the camera without loss.
🔔2. Everyone has a phone that is used most frequently and does not require carrying a second device.
🔔3. You can pose as many times as you want without drawing attention to yourself.
🔔4. It can be used not only for secret photography, but also for remote monitoring. Just download the remote monitoring software.
🔔5. They are original phones, so they are sturdy and durable.
🔔6. Real hidden secret shooting phone, black screen camera, lock screen recording.
🔔7. The only one that can autofocus and is very sharp both near and far.

We will use used iPhone 6s for modification as there is no new iPhone 6s on the market, but we will choose better quality phones for modification. The condition is very good and they are all original phones.

We can also modify more phones, please contact us for details, thank you for your visit!


  1. Don’t place a camera in a private area (like a restroom or place where confidential meetings may take place) or use them with malicious intent, e.g. to use the recorded footage to blackmail someone.
  2. Don’t record people without their consent in PA, CT, WA, FL, IL, MD, MA, NH, CA, MT, MI, and NV. In all other states, you only need consent to film/record audio of a conversation from one party.
  3. Don’t record audio unless the videoed subject has given permission and knows the camera is there – regulation of audio recording is much stricter than just visual recording, so check before you begin.
  4. Don’t assume you can film your employees even though legally you can set up security cameras in public places (not restrooms) where your employees work. Consult trade